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Tips for keeping healthy and happy this Christmas

tips for keeping healthy and happy this christmas

Can you believe it is that time of year again! Christmas is a time for celebration, togetherness, and happiness. Yet, the festive season can also bring about challenges to our physical and emotional health.

See below our eight tips for staying healthy and happy during this season of joy.

#1. Eat well. It can be a challenge, but it is possible, there are ways you can eat both healthy and well! Know which foods are high in calorie content and low in nutrition. Don’t deprive yourself of such treats, but indulge in moderation. Eat smaller meals instead of “saving yourself” for one huge buffet. Opt for healthy options at home, and when visiting others, bring a healthy dish to share. Be careful of liquid calories, including alcoholic beverages.

#2. Stay active. Exercise is just as important during the holidays as any other time of the year. You should be active at least five times a week, preferably with some aerobic exercise every day. You can also enlist your loved ones to join you for quality bonding time, fancy a game of family Christmas cricket anyone?

#3. Prevent illness and injuries. Prevent getting sick over the festive season by washing your hands regularly and urging others to do the same. Also, be aware of food safety to avoid any nasty bouts of food poisoning. Watch young ones and assist the elderly, who are at increased risk of falls and other injuries during this time.

#4. Stay hydrated. The last thing anyone wants to experience on Christmas is dehydration. Remember to drink plenty of water and be mindful of moderation when it comes to alcohol consumption. If you are out in the sun, also remember to slip, slop, slap to avoid sun burn and heat damage during festivities.

#5. Travel safely. Whether you are travelling a short distance or halfway across the world, follow extra precautions. Give yourself plenty of time in the additional holiday traffic. Never drink and drive. Be on the lookout for reports of extreme weather and heed warnings. If you’re traveling away from home, make sure to pack and take your medications and be aware of vaccinations you may require. Identify how to contact your doctor when you are away if have a medical problem, and where the local medical facility is.

For more tips on safe and healthy travel click here

#6. Stress less. Holidays and the Christmas period can be a stressful time. You may be working, and feel the stress of managing your work duties along with additional commitments to your friends and family. You may feel the financial stress of gifts and the interpersonal stress of conflicts. Try to anticipate sources of stress and develop a plan to manage them. This may involve committing to fewer get-togethers or setting a tighter budget. Don’t feel guilty; you need to take care of yourself before you can take of others. Please talk to your GP if you have any concerns.

#7. Help others. Depression and suicidality increase during the holidays. Watch for signs of depression among your friends and family. Take an active role to support those in need. Invite those colleagues or friends who are alone over the holidays to spend them with you. Volunteer and give to those less fortunate.

#8. Treat yourself. The holiday spirit is about helping others around you, but you also need to make time to take care of yourself. So, treat yourself with something over the holidays. It may be something as simple as extra sleep or scheduling time to exercise. How about reading that book you’ve been meaning to for a long time, or getting a manicure or massage? Take the time to do the things that make you happy and healthy. Relax, revive and enjoy!

We hope these tips have been helpful! Our team at Mariners Medical would like to thank you for your ongoing support and wish you and your family a healthy and happy Christmas.

To book an appointment, please call 4356 2555 or book online!

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