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Let’s talk about Wounds-Are you wound aware?

Let’s talk about Wounds-Are you wound aware?

As featured in Seniors on the Coast Magazine

Chronic wounds are burden for both the patient as well as the healthcare system and with each generation living longer, the likelihood of this chronicity will continue to present new challenges. Nearly half a million Australians suffer from chronic wounds every day, with over 65s and those with diabetes at highest risk.

July 15th-21st marks Wound Awareness Week and the importance of not suffering in silence and taking action to enable wound patients to live without wounds and enjoy a full and active life.

According to the Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA), an estimated 400, 000 Australians have a chronic wound or ulcer at any given time. This high incidence of chronic wounds translates into a major burden on the healthcare system and annual costs estimated at over $3 billion every year.

One way to address this critical health issue and help reduce costs is to have a specialist wound care clinic in a primary care setting which is Nurse led and looks at prevention as well as management. This is precisely what is available at Mariners Medical in Tuggerah and Toukley Family Practice delivered through our Advanced Wound Care Service.

Run by wound expert, Sharon Bradshaw- RN, the Advanced Wound Care Service (AWCS) provides thorough assessment, treatment and management of complex chronic wounds that are proving difficult to heal and is the only service of its kind available on the Central Coast located in a General Practice setting.

The wound care clinic is proving to be highly popular with “patients enjoying the freedom of not having to wait at home all day for community teams, which at times can result in appointments being cancelled and requiring a visit to the practice anyway!” explains Bradshaw. “Our patients have also found that it can be time saving as they can attend the GP for a one stop shop, physiotherapy session, continence clinic, skin cancer clinic, podiatry, dietitian, pharmacy etc which is utilising their time more effectively” states Bradshaw.

Sharon shares insights into what signs to watch out for when it comes to wounds. It is important to see your health care professional if you or someone in your family has any of these signs:


Pain and heat-wounds that are red, swollen and painful.

Odour- wounds with a strange or unpleasant smell.

Excess fluid- wounds that have a thick, yellowish fluid.

Slow to heal- wounds that take longer than a month to heal.

Be wound aware, take action to stop wounds from preventing you or a loved one from living life to the fullest.

Do you or a loved one have a heal that just won't heal?

Book an appointment with our wound care expert today, call 4356 2555.


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