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Beat the seat- 5 top tips for avoiding a sedentary working environment

Unfortunately for a lot of Central Coast residents, the working day involves a considerable time sitting, be it at a desk, commuting or other.

It is becoming apparent today that a sedentary lifestyle is a significant killer! If you’re sitting too much each day, you're at risk for obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and a whole host of health- related problems.

Beat the seat

Our team at Mariners Medical want to help you and your workplace to beat the seat with some simple tips that you can implement into your working day to keep you moving and healthy.

Beat the seat- 5 quick and simple tips for your workplace:

1. Stand while talking

Stand up when answering the phone or if a co-worker stops by your desk. Activities that don’t require the computer, like a group meeting or brainstorming session are ideal to conduct on your feet. Why not try a walking meeting?

2. Stand up and stretch

It isn’t healthy to maintain a single posture for more than 30 minutes. When you feel yourself getting sleepy or your muscles stiffen (a sign that your metabolism is slowing down), it’s time to stand up. Sitting and standing as your body demands it is known to increase blood flow, metabolism, and caloric burn while improving focus, energy and productivity. So, get moving, fill up your water bottle, go and talk to your colleague as opposed to emailing them, walk to the printer etc.

3. Take the stairs

If you have a lift at your workplace, avoid it, take the stairs wherever possible to help fit in some extra calorie burning through incidental exercise.

4. Take an active lunch break

Stopping for a proper lunch break is a terrific way to reset and reenergise for the rest of the working day allowing time to nourish your body with a healthy lunch. Avoid scoffing down lunch at your desk, not only is this unhygienic but it also does not allow your body to take the adequate time it needs to digest.

Take advantage of your lunchbreak and get moving. Grab a buddy and get out for a walk or run, enjoy the fresh air and get a bit of vitamin D while you are at it.

5. Introduce a wellness program

Having a workplace health and wellbeing program encourages employees to improve their health and can help your business to become an employer of choice.

Mariners Medical in Tuggerah has combined forces with premium allied health provider, Coast Sport to provide local businesses with a Corporate Wellness Program.

Services available to employees under the program include: priority appointment booking, pre-employment medicals (including urine drug screen), workers compensation and rehabilitation, flu and travel vaccinations, audiology, spirometry, ECG, pathology, discounted allied health services and more.

Best of all the program is quick, easy to start and is FREE to join up!

Finding ways to get you and your team moving more throughout the day will not only aid in the development of healthier behaviours, but it can also have a major impact on employees’ engagement, satisfaction and morale at work. This culture enhances productivity, retention and can also be a fantastic way to incentivise employees.

Taking a stand for a healthier workplace means taking a stand for you and your employees.

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