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Let’s talk Lymphoedema

Did you know: Around 300,000 Australians will experience lymphoedema at any given time!

Lymphoedema is characterised by swelling of certain parts of the body, caused by problems with the lymphatic system. Any part of the body can be affected by lymphoedema, but it tends to target the arms and legs.

Lymphoedema happens when our lymphatic system doesn't work properly.

There are two basic types – primary and secondary.

  • primary lymphoedema – caused by faulty genes or birth defect that affect the development of the lymphatic system; it can develop at any age at any stage in life, but usually starts during infancy, adolescence, or early adulthood

  • secondary lymphoedema – caused by damage to the lymphatic system or problems with the movement and drainage of fluid in the lymphatic system; it can be the result of an infection, injury, cancer treatment ( surgical intervention but also radio therapy or chemotherapy), inflammation of the limb (repeated infections), or a lack of limb movement

Could you or someone you love, have lymphoedema?

The symptoms of lymphoedema may include:

  • the affected area feels heavy

  • the skin feels tight and close to bursting point

  • the skin is hotter than other areas of the body

  • aching

  • pins and needles

  • darting pains

  • painful joints

  • swelling.

Treating lymphoedema

It's important that lymphoedema is identified and treated as soon as possible. If it isn't treated, it can get worse which effects mobility and function of the limb/body part.

Although there is no present cure for lymphoedema, it is possible to manage this chronic condition and control the painful and often debilitating symptoms through specialist services.

Advanced Wound Care Services Clinic on the Central Coast.

Mariners Medical and Toukley Family Practice operate an Advanced Wound Care Services (AWCS) clinic, led by a highly qualified and experienced lymphoedema and wound care expert. At the clinic we utilise techniques to minimise fluid build-up and stimulate the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system. This helps to reduce the size of the limb and importantly help keep infections and wounds at bay.

Find out more here

Fully accredited

Our therapists are fully accredited and have access to modern techniques including massage therapy, reduction bandaging, a variety of compression garments for after care and maintenance. They are able to teach patients how to take better care of their skin, realise the joy and importance of moving and exercising regularly and having a healthy diet and positive lifestyle.

Need help with lymphoedema management?

If you feel you need help and don’t know where to turn to, then please reach out to us at the AWCS clinic at Toukley family Practice or Mariners Medical. The clinic is conveniently situated within a GP practice where a team of specialists are ready to help during every step of your preventative healthcare journey.

Contact us today:

Toukley Family Practice- 4352 8600

Mariners Medical- 4356 2558



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