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Top tips for keeping your team healthy, happy and productive in 2018

tips for a healthier more productive team

Healthy workers are more productive workers!

Did you know: healthy employees suffer fewer health issues, record fewer sick days, are more productive and engage better with colleagues and customers!

With over 11 million Australians spending an average of eight hours per day in their workplace. Not surprisingly, the workplace is a key setting in which to establish healthy habits to promote wellness and vitality.

Recent studies indicate that healthy Australian employees are likely to be almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.

Top tips for keeping your team healthy, happy and productive in 2018:

Implement a health and wellness program

Having a workplace health and wellbeing program encourages employees to improve their health and can help your business to become an employer of choice.

Mariners Medical in Tuggerah have combined forces with premium allied health provider, Coast Sport to provide local businesses with a Corporate Wellness Program.

Services available to employees under the program include: priority appointment booking, pre-employment medicals (including urine drug screen), workers compensation and rehabilitation, flu and travel vaccinations, audiology, spirometry, ECG, pathology, discounted allied health services and more.

Best of all the program is quick, easy to start and is FREE to join up!

Find out more about the program here and the many benefits accessible to your team

Move more

Try introducing walking/standing meetings as a fantastic way to keep your team moving!

Unfortunately, many jobs involve sitting a lot which does your health no favours. You can help your employees kick the habit—and the chair—by promoting walking or standing meetings.

Encourage employees to stand up for a few minutes for every hour of sitting or walk to their colleagues instead of using the phone. Use simple posters to remind employees to stand up, set up email reminders or phone alarms or use screensavers to alert them too.

Smoke-free workplace

A Smoke-free workplace is vital to a successful workplace health and wellness program.

Try using a Quit smoking app

Quitting smoking can be difficult, more so in certain jobs. My QuitBuddy is an easy-to-use smartphone app designed to provide personalised support. Features include goal-setting tools and a community forum that encourages your employees to kick the habit.

Your GP is here to help, please visit your GP for advice on the most suitable strategy for quitting smoking today.

Switch to healthy gifts

At your next workplace celebration, ditch the usual office gifts and prizes and instead switch to healthy gifts. Organic fruit baskets, guilt-free goodies, pedometers or vouchers for gym gear are a great substitute for alcohol and chocolate and they underline your workplace’s focus on improving employees’ health.

Ensure you team is vaccinated

Protect your employees against the dreaded flu with flu shots this season and ensure they are travel health conscious by seeking advice and appropriate vaccination for a more enjoyable and well- deserved break.

Keep hydrated

A common cause of dehydration in the modern workplace is air conditioning and can cause symptoms such as tiredness, loss of concentration and headaches. Keep hydrated for better productivity, drinking 6-8 glasses of H20 daily is recommended.

Lower stress levels

Social and emotional wellness plays a key role in performance in your workplace. How you think, feel and relate to others affects your health.

When a workplace is stressful, with long hours and low morale, you may find employees with poor social and emotional wellness. This can lead to an increase in employee absences. Recognising and promoting social and emotional wellness at work can reduce employee stress and improve their overall health.

Make the swap

Swapping the lifts for stairs, a packet of biscuits for fruit and a car for public transport are some simple ways to get extra mileage on your workplace health and wellness program. Repetition and consistency is the key to ongoing success. Help remind your employees of these easy swaps by putting up a few posters. Mariners Medical can provide access to artwork for these on sign up of the Corporate Wellness Program

Be sun safe

All workplaces should make sun safety a priority. Your employees need to be aware of the dangers of unsafe exposure to the sun.

Try to organise schedules so that outdoor work is completed early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Provide shade for outdoor workers where possible and personal protective equipment including sun protective clothing, broad-brimmed hats, sunglasses and SPF30+ sunscreen where suitable.

Kick start 2018 with a Corporate Wellness Program for our team!

A workplace wellness program is a fantastic way to support your employees to make healthy choices the easy choices. Contact Mariners Medical now on (02) 4356 2555 to find out more and to get your team on track for a healthier and more productive 2018!


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